An Introduction to MAM

What is Malicious Animal Magnetism?

When I bring up the topic, I’ve found that many who are not familiar with Christian Science do not understand what Malicious Animal Magnetism (MAM) is or how they can use it in their everyday lives. To begin with, I just want to say that I believe the malicious part in MAM is a misnomer, and I in no way believe that this has to be used in a wicked or harmful way (though I recognize that it easily can be). I use the name because it is the name that was given to it by its discoverer, Mary Baker Eddy, the Mother of Christian Science. Because she discovered MAM, I also consider her its Mother, though Eddy’s motherhood to MAM is much like the Greek goddess Eriphyle’s motherhood to Alcmaeon. This will be discussed in other parts of this blog, but its origins are not as important as its uses. My point is: I use the name because my own discovery of MAM only came through my understanding of the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. It was through my own experimentation that I was able to come to a deeper understanding of MAM, which I believe encompasses far more than was previously recorded by Eddy (though I certainly mean to attribute her properly for her discovery).

Mary Baker Eddy, Mother of Christian Science and MAM.

I define MAM as the use of mental transfiguration to influence another or a situation to a wanted state or situation. Think of MAM as a power or a force that can be enacted on others or on situations. For instance, let us say that you want to bring someone into your life who you desire. With sufficient knowledge of MAM and its practice, this can be easily accomplished. And there are many who, with an understanding of MAM, are able to do just that.

This probably leaves you wondering, "But what exactly is Malicious Animal Magnetism?" As a force or a power, MAM is like a psychic energy that one can project onto the world around them. It's a power that can be used to construct a different reality. It's something that I believe many religions have tapped into unknowingly. The New Age religion identifies this power when they use the phrase, "You create your own reality." You are able to see some of these New Age healers, to some degree, heal small ailments (pains, aches, migraines) with a limited degree of effectiveness. I have rarely seen them be able to work out a cancer or an incurable ailment, but I have seen first-hand that they are able to work through painful arthritis or serious back pain. I believe that their ability to do this comes from their limited understanding of this power, which I call MAM, as discovered by Mary Baker Eddy. I think, however, the New Agers who are using this power misapprehend its nature and origin, which is why they are so limited in their use of it. They are like a child attempting to stop or contort a wave. The MAM practitioner is like Poseidon who seizes that wave and makes it bend to his whim.

How We Can Use MAM?

There are plenty of ways that MAM can be used. In my life, I have benefited in endless ways from MAM, though there are certainly some instances where it is more useful than others. As I will reveal in this blog, MAM can be used to improve your finances, wealth, health, and success. Through this blog, I will offer some processes that will make it easier for you to use MAM. It can be a hard thing to grasp at first, but I assure you that once you see the results of MAM, you will not be able to deny its usefulness in your own, personal experience.

Many who come to me, doubting MAM’s existence, ask me for a demonstration or some proof. I suggest to them a simple test: Take someone, anyone who you deal with in your everyday life to begin with, and contemplate them for many days. It’s best when this is someone you are not very pleasant with and are not feeling very friendly towards. After about five days of just pondering upon them, start to imagining things going unpleasantly for them. Just imagine things not working out. Imagine them frazzled and in chaos. Do this for about three days (in about 20 minute sittings) and then just leave it and wait, with some degree of patience and wait to hear about this person’s situation. Usually, it does not take long before you will hear from this person of some tragic event, accident, or unpleasant situation that has befallen them.

I know this appears to be quite negative and certainly there are ways of testing MAM that involve benefiting another person’s circumstance or situation. However, I find testing MAM to be most effective with the aforementioned processes or exercise. For the true skeptic, I recommend doing this with two or three people, and keeping a notebook of your progress and the circumstances of these people’s lives before and after your work. After you have gained some confidence in the existence and power of MAM, then it will be easier for you to move on and gradually move into more difficult arenas (and it will even be possible for you to use it towards more positive outcomes). As a side note, for this first test, I highly recommend that you make sure that none of the individuals you test are Christian Scientists or are friends of Christian Scientists, as this will likely interfere with your results. Christian Scientists are some of the few who are aware and know how to combat the power of MAM, though in a future post I will show you how to overcome their interference (and even the interference of other MAM practitioners). Christian Scientists, though they may believe they have some power over MAM, are incredibly vulnerable, and even if they reach their highest capacity, you will find that they are weaker at certain times than others. Even our Mother, Mary Baker Eddy, could not withstand the power of MAM when it was used against her. She even confided with one of her closest secretaries that when she died she wanted it to be known that she was "mentally murdered," certainly by her MAM practicing enemies, as revealed through the Memoirs of Mary Baker Eddy by Adam Dickey. That said, if those using the power of MAM were able to take down the Mother of Christian Science, who is the only one I know of to this date to have been able to truly keep those using MAM at bay for any length of time, then I am certain that MAM practitioners today have the power to take on any Christian Scientist they might meet. However, as stated previously, I do not recommend taking on Christian Scientists from the start. This should be left to more serious MAM practitioners. Any trivial attempts at overpowering Christian Scientists on gives them practice in overcoming it and makes them more difficult to deal with in the future. Again, in a later post, I will reveal the delicate art of overcoming a Christian Scientist, but the above exercise will suffice in practicing on any laymen.

Why We Should Use MAM?

MAM is a powerful force, and it exists whether you want it to or not. It is available to anyone, at any time, to assist them in transforming the world around them. It can improve your wealth, health, and success.That said, why shouldn't you use this force to your advantage?

Misunderstandings Regarding MAM

There are many who likely have very negative views of MAM, particularly Christian Scientists. The discoverer of MAM, Mary Baker Eddy, used the term malicious to describe this force because it was so often used against her by her enemies. And while I can certainly understand why that would give her, and her followers, such a bad taste when they hear the name, I think that there has been a great distortion by Eddy and her followers of what MAM really is and how it can benefit people in their everyday lives. Through my experience with MAM, I have seen some wonderfully positive changes in people's lives, including: healings, creations of financial empires, the acquisition of fame, and all sorts of other varieties of success. I playfully term myself the "Father" of MAM because I believe that I have been able to come to an understanding and apprehension of this power that my Mother, Mary Baker Eddy, was unable to reach. In some ways, I suppose that I am more like her son than her comrade, for I (like children do) have been able to take something that she stumbled upon and come to even greater understanding than she was ever capable of during her time. This is not to suggest that I believe myself to be superior to Eddy. I simply mean that, like a scientist, I was able to take her teachings and expand upon them through my own discoveries.

The Goal of this Blog

My goal, with this blog, is to help others be able to use MAM and find the benefit in it that I so often have. I hope to offer processes and information that can help others use this force in their own lives so that they may soon discover what a powerful and positive influence it can be. I realize this has been a very brief overview, but I plan to post much more very soon and hope you will stick around and find this information to be as useful in your own life as it has been in mine.